November 24, 2020

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Awkward! The first confrontation between Trump and Biden is over, and the search volume of keywords such as “moving to Canada” soars on Google

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Trump,confrontation,Biden,Canada,presidential, Funny Blog News

“The presidential debate may send people to the north instead of the ballot box.” The New York Post reported on the 30th that after the first duel between the Republican presidential candidate Trump and the Democratic presidential candidate Biden began, Searches for keywords such as “moving to Canada” on Google have surged. This matter quickly attracted outside attention. Some Canadian netizens said that the border will remain closed until the United States resolves the new crown problem. There are also Canadian netizens who joked, “It looks like we need to build a wall and let the United States pay for it.”

Trump,confrontation,Biden,Canada,presidential, Funny Blog News
(“New York Post”: After the presidential debate started, Google searches for “moving to Canada” soared)

According to the report, about an hour after the debate began, searches for “how to apply for Canadian citizenship” soared, reaching its peak at 22:30 that night. The report mentioned that the state with the most related searches was Massachusetts, followed by Ohio and Michigan.

In addition, during the debate, “How to move to Canada” and “Move to Canada” also experienced a surge in search volume.

The change in search volume quickly aroused the attention of the outside world.

The data reporter of The Economist posted a graph of the change in Google search volume for “Moving to Canada” on Twitter. The reporter also wrote, “Tonight, Google’s search for ‘moving to Canada’ has soared.”

Trump,confrontation,Biden,Canada,presidential, Funny Blog News

Some netizens also said that Canada seems to be a bit close and that they want to go to Germany. A netizen joked, “Canada is great, but (isn’t it) a bit close? (I) may eventually apply for German citizenship and obtain citizenship, if they (bi-party candidates) still do this (first) The performance of the debate) If you are proud…”

Trump,confrontation,Biden,Canada,presidential, Funny Blog News

Many netizens in Canada also paid attention to this situation, and their reaction was quite interesting.

Some netizens expressed “support”. Some netizens said, “Come on for all of you on this side of the (two countries) border! You can do it!”

Trump,confrontation,Biden,Canada,presidential, Funny Blog News

However, some netizens do not support this idea. Some netizens joked, “It looks like we need to build a wall and let the US pay for it.”

Trump,confrontation,Biden,Canada,presidential, Funny Blog News

Some netizens wrote: “(I) don’t want to disappoint (you), but until you solve the new crown problem, our border will remain closed.”

Trump,confrontation,Biden,Canada,presidential, Funny Blog News

At 21 o’clock on the 29th local time, the first debate in the US general election was staged in Cleveland, Ohio, a key swing state. The Republican presidential candidate Trump and the Democratic presidential candidate Biden’s first head-to-head contest were full of flames and even personal attacks. During the debate, Trump criticized Biden for being “not smart at all,” while Biden criticized him for trying to turn everything into a racist “dog whistle” tonight. During his presidency, Trump criticized African Americans People “hardly do anything.”

That night, CNN described the presidential election debate and said, “It has only been 20 minutes before it has been in chaos.” During the period, the two refused to give in to each other, personally attacked and insulted each other, and Trump repeated many times. Interrupted Biden’s speech. According to CNN, these interferences turned the debate into a “major scuffle”, with little room for discussion of policy differences. After the duel between the two men, Frank Lentz, a senior pollster of the US Republican Party, lamented that “there is no winner, the United States is a loser.”

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