November 25, 2020

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Can’t fly out of the solar system without breaking through controlled nuclear fusion? There may be a shortcut to fly out of the solar system

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solar system,solar, Funny Blog News

In 1977, the Voyager 1 probe was launched into space. After 43 years of flying, it has flown more than 20 billion kilometers, and has escaped the solar wind, becoming the farthest object made by mankind from the earth. This achievement may seem unsatisfactory, but if you look at the range of the solar system, you will find that the travel distance of the Voyager 1 probe is not worth mentioning.

solar system,solar, Funny Blog News

Anyone who knows the universe should know that the “Otter Nebula” is the true boundary of the solar system. This spherical cloud wraps the boundary of the solar system with a radius of about 1 light-year, or 9.46 trillion kilometers. In other words, Voyager 1 has been flying for a long time, but it has not even reached a small part of the solar system’s radius, and it will take tens of thousands of years to fly out of the solar system. So if we want to ask why humans cannot cross the interstellar, the most direct answer is that humans cannot conquer the distance in the universe.

Why is this so? We usually think this is because these aircraft lack powerful energy, so they cannot provide enough power for the aircraft. Because of this, we are particularly looking forward to the success of controlled nuclear fusion technology, because this technology can bring us almost unlimited energy. However, what you may not know is that to get a powerful source of energy, you don’t actually need to master controlled nuclear fusion to fly out of the solar system. In fact, we still have a shortcut.

In theory, the main reason why human beings cannot cross the interstellar space may simply be because we lack matter, which is “negative matter”. Note that “negative matter” is not the “antimatter” we often hear. The difference between the two is that “antimatter” refers to matter that is in the opposite state to ordinary matter, while “negative matter” refers to matter with negative mass. Next let us look at the properties of this substance.

solar system,solar, Funny Blog News

When a force acts on an object, the acceleration of the object is the force divided by the mass, and its direction is the same as the direction of the force. Force is a characteristic of ordinary matter. For “negative matter”, because its mass is negative, in this case, an object composed of “negative matter” will have a negative acceleration force divided by the acceleration of the mass. In other words, its acceleration is opposite to the force. For example, when the direction of the force is forward, its acceleration direction is backward. Visually speaking, if the characteristic of other matter is attraction, then repulsion is the characteristic of this “negative matter”, and this kind of anti-attraction is its biggest characteristic. But this is not the most important thing. When the more abnormal feature called “negative matter” is called “negative matter”, zero-mass matter will appear after ordinary matter and “negative matter” come in contact, but this is easy to explain. 1 plus -1 is definitely It’s equal to zero.

Imagine that if there is a zero-mass spacecraft, you only need to give it a little power, and its speed can increase rapidly, and because its mass is zero, it is completely free from the “mass increase effect” of relativity. Impact, so this spacecraft can reach the speed of light. Obviously, to obtain this “energy”, we don’t have to master controlled nuclear fusion. In fact, it can be provided by the fossil fuels we use now, which means that as long as we find this material, we can easily fly out of the solar system, thus realizing the dream of mankind through this shortcut through stars.

solar system,solar, Funny Blog News

Some people may say that this is just a mathematical reasoning. In fact, there is no such matter in the universe and everything is just an ideal state. But in fact, although we have no definite evidence about “negative matter”, in the past research work, scientists have found some clues that indicate the possibility of “negative matter”, in other words, clues have It is just around the corner to find and apply this “negative matter” to real aerospace.

The first is the “Casimir effect”. Two metal plates with smooth surfaces and close enough in space will be subjected to the force of “Casimir force”. This “Casimir effect” took 48 years from discovery to confirmation. The reason why it took such a long time is because the experimental requirements to verify the “Casimir effect” are extremely high, and the influence of gravity and electromagnetic force must be strictly excluded.

The “Casimir effect” tells us that the vacuum can “push” the two metal plates closer to each other, which shows that the energy in the two metal plates is lower than the vacuum, and as we all know, the energy of the vacuum is zero, so the energy is lower than zero. how many? The answer is “negative energy”. According to Einstein’s description, energy and mass are just two forms of matter.

solar system,solar, Funny Blog News

In short, the mystery of the universe is far beyond our cognition. Although “negative matter” is based on mathematical reasoning, it does not violate the laws of physics, and there are still signs that they are possible. Therefore, it can be said that we can fly out of the solar system without mastering controlled nuclear fusion. In fact, we have one or more shortcuts, but we haven’t found it yet. I believe that in the near future, scientists will find a way to use negative substances.

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