November 25, 2020

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Napa reignites wildfires, San Francisco Bay Area air quality worries

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People’s Daily Online, San Francisco, September 28 (Deng Wei Ye Ying) On September 27, local time, the new mountain fire broke out in Napa County, California’s wine country. The fire was fierce and the authorities have ordered residents to evacuate. The wildfire broke out in the mountains north of St. Helena Deer Park and Angwin. Mount St. Helena measured a maximum wind speed of 70 per hour on Mount St. Helena No. 27 Miles, driven by strong winds, wildfires spread rapidly.

The California Fire Department reported that so far this year, there have been more than 8,100 wildfires in California, killing at least 26 people and destroying more than 7,000 buildings. As of September 27, California firefighters are still fighting at least 25 wildfires.

Napa Valley is a well-known wine producing area, with more than 400 wineries. The mountain fire called Glass Fire started yesterday. The fire spread over 2,000 acres and burned several vineyards and houses. More than 1,800 people were forced to evacuate their houses and about 5,000 people received evacuation notices. The cause of the fire is not yet known, but due to the dry and windy weather in recent days, the California Fire Department said that currently firefighters are almost unable to control the fire.

The famous 41-year-old Chateau Boswell Winery in Napa Valley was destroyed in a glass fire. According to local media SF Gate, the fire also destroyed a farmhouse in Castello di Amorosa, another popular tourist attraction. The vice president of the winery, Jim Sullivan (Jim Sullivan) said that the farmhouse has a company office as well as all bottled wines and some fermentation containers. Fortunately, the castle building of the winery was not damaged. It is reported that the famous Reverie Winery, Viader Winery and Davis Estates winery are also threatened by wildfires. The Napa County Emergency Services Office said that 64 wineries are currently in the evacuation warning zone.

“Please pray for Napa Valley and Sonoma County.” Napa wine expert Kelly Mitchell tweeted on the evening of the 27th.

Daniel Berlant, Assistant Deputy Commissioner of the California Fire Department, said the evacuation order affected 53,000 people in Sonoma and Napa counties. Paul Lowenthal, a spokesperson for the California Fire Department, said that in Santa Rosa alone, approximately 13,000 houses were threatened. The fire continued to spread today, and the authorities ordered new evacuation to continue and warned residents of Calistoga to prepare to evacuate.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, at 1 am today, the authorities sent an evacuation bus to the Oakmont Village Senior Community Center in Santa Rosa to assist residents in evacuation. Many of the residents were called in their sleep, dressed in pajamas and gowns, and boarded the evacuation bus. “This is terrible. I didn’t expect the wildfire to be so close to us.” 91-year-old resident Doris Tietze told reporters that the embers of the wildfire kept hitting the windshield of the car during the evacuation. . Susan Gorin, a resident of Sonoma County, evacuated her house in Santa Rosa at about 1:00 in the morning. Her house was damaged in the 2017 wildfire and is currently being rebuilt, but was once again affected by the fire . On October 8, 2017, Napa and Sonoma encountered at least 14 wildfires. The fire that year caused more than 20 wineries to be completely destroyed.

According to data from, as of noon today, nearly 100,000 houses and businesses in Northern California had power outages. Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is inspecting its equipment to seek to restore power. In 2018, PG&E’s equipment problems directly led to the wildfire in Paradise Town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 2018, which killed 85 people.

Accompanying wildfires is the deterioration of air quality. Today, the air quality throughout the San Francisco Bay Area is moderate to poor, and the backup air warning is in effect again. American media ABC7 weather anchor Lisa Argen (Lisa Argen) said that the smoke from the wildfire is moving to the southeast. The strong northeasterly wind pushed the smoke towards St. Helena and drifted to Highway 29 and 12. The air quality in North Bay is deteriorating, and the smoke from the mountain fire in August is drifting south. The air quality warnings for the hills and valleys of the East Bay and North Bay will continue until 9pm today. Algon believes that from Monday afternoon to Tuesday morning, the air quality in the entire Bay Area will almost enter the “unhealthy” range. If the fire cannot be effectively controlled, then at least until this Thursday, the air quality will be poor.

Aviation district officials said the fire smoke had a serious impact on North Bay. In addition, the combination of smog, high temperature inland and the gaseous phase of automobile tails is expected to cause unhealthy smog accumulation in the Bay Area (mainly in South Bay and East Bay). The “Backup Air Alert” issued on September 28 is the 36th so far this year.

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