November 23, 2020

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The restaurant is one yuan a chicken, and the owner can get another 150,000 yuan per month. Business thinking is the secret to earning money.

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restaurant,chicken,money, Funny Blog News

What is the biggest pain point of restaurants? Just like other physical store businesses, there are few customers, or the number of orders is too low. To solve this problem, start with a thinking.

In this day and age, Internet thought permeates everyone’s life. Whether you are a sanitation worker who cleans the roads or a business leader who participates in various international conferences around the world, all of them treat the Internet as one. The power of kind or recreation, or creation, through this power, makes your business or life more diversified.

People who only watch short videos and curse people online may only use Internet thinking as a pastime tool, but some people use this power to create their own business empire.

restaurant,chicken,money, Funny Blog News

What I want to share with you today is the case of a restaurant owner who, by grasping the Internet thinking, sold a chicken in his restaurant for a dollar, but instead attracted customers and made a lot of money.

Of course, we must understand this kind of thinking before really thinking about this pressure. That is why Jack Ma will succeed? Why is short video also rising in the past two years? Xiang Douyan, that is because people’s lives are changing, and people’s psychology is also changing. People’s consumption habits are constantly changing with the changes in the Internet. So if you can grasp this change in thinking, you can ride the wind and waves and take advantage of the trend. Good business is not difficult.


Boss Liang is the founder of an old-fashioned restaurant. His restaurant has been open for about 20 years. In the 20th year, he has experienced a lot of ups and downs. He is also a person who has seen big waves. But with the emergence of the Internet, people’s consumption Habits have also changed from offline to online. This big change was unexpected by Lao Liang. After decades of business, the population is increasing, but now the number of people in the restaurant is much less than before. Although there is also a profit point for takeout, after all, takeout is only possible, and the number of orders is one person. The body cannot improve much. After racking her brains, she couldn’t sleep for several nights, and her hair was sparse, but she lost a lot of it, so she had to pass the time on her mobile phone. It doesn’t matter if I look at it a lot, I found my column, opened it out of curiosity, and read more than 100 cases of mine in one night. Suddenly, I realized it in my heart, and based on my Amway thinking, I made a set of my own plans to bring customers from online to offline, and there will be no shortage of customers in the future.

restaurant,chicken,money, Funny Blog News


First of all, we said that the problem of the restaurant is that the number of customers is small, and the number of customer orders is low. To solve these two problems at the same time, we must start from the root of the problem. Lao Liang thought repeatedly and finally came up with a solution. It only takes three steps.

First, clever use of Internet thinking. First, he posted a strong message on several platforms with relatively high local attention: Anyone who comes to our restaurant to eat within one month after the news is released can get one yuan for one. The welfare of chickens.

And there is also a small program that can click to book. Don’t take a look at the mini programs, and you feel like you’re in your heart. In fact, there are a lot of mini programs nowadays, and there are a lot of companies that do mini programs. They are simple and efficient. They can even automatically generate their own exclusives. Applets.

With the first step as the foundation, the next step is the second step: lock customers.

【Teaching people how to fish is worse than teaching people how to fish】

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