November 23, 2020

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Top salespersons never need to talk more by themselves, but they can let you spend money, although the method is a bit ruthless!

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There is a good saying:

“The two most difficult things in this world are the first is to put money in other people’s pockets into one’s own pockets, and the second is to put your own thoughts into other people’s thoughts. “

In the Internet age where everyone is a salesperson, whether you are doing a side job or doing it alone, selling products, or selling services, you cannot do without the process of selling to potential customers. In the process of selling, we are actually doing The two most difficult things.

But I just post pictures of Moments products and tell customers how good my products are and how cheap the price is. The era is over. To be honest, there is no shortage of products these days, but people who can really sell them.

Those who are really good salespersons may not be the ones who talk the most, but they must be the ones who understand the underlying logic of sales best.

For the transaction, the most important step is to build trust.

People with strong personal business ability often have a short time to build trust with customers. So how to quickly build trust so that customers can spend money and reach a deal without hesitation? Several common and simple methods are for your reference.

1. Know how to properly “pack” the results, not the process, packaging is just a marketing tool

Perhaps when it comes to the term self-packaging, many people will disdain it, because everyone has experienced the marketing method of over-packing in the micro-business era, but if you really want to cultivate your personal business ability, it’s also a good idea to know how to pack yourself. A necessary ability.

Why are packaging results easier to generate trust?

Some knowledge of psychology needs to be combined here, that is, when each of us buys a product, what we buy is the psychological effect after use.

Just like what many people read in the circle of friends in the past, as long as you learn what kind of method, you can say goodbye to the dead salary, earn tens of thousands of yuan a month, and buy a house and car.

So the process of making money is not what everyone wants. What everyone is really attracted to is that after making money, they buy houses and cars. That’s why so many people always pack themselves into sports cars and cars when they are marketing. Marketing methods of living in luxury houses.

This is the power of packaging marketing, to address your expectations, not to demand.

To give another example, many training institutions ask parents to spend money on learning English for their children. If the advertisement is made to “help children improve their English scores and learn more vocabulary,” this type of advertisement is not attractive.

But how to replace it with “let children communicate with foreigners freely and get admitted to prestigious schools.” Is this kind of packaging more attractive to parents?

Because you learn vocabulary and grammar, you just want your child to be admitted to a prestigious school in the future and still use English. With such a package, the trust of parents will rise, and they are naturally willing to spend money.

At this time, your own product type may not need to appear in the promotion. What methods are used to teach children? Many parents only care about the result, not the process.

2. Become a valuable “friend” of potential customers before you can build trust

Of course, the final result of the packaging we are talking about is the key to the transaction. However, many people suffer here too, that is, too much packaging, resulting in too serious marketing traces, so the real salesperson does not have so many routines.

To build trust, in addition to letting potential customers know what they can become after they buy your things, there is also that you have to have real value for them, so as to solve their payment anxiety.

For example, very popular education and short knowledge videos must output a lot of dry goods that are valuable to others in the early stage. Then this is the process of building trust in the true sense, so as long as potential customers recognize you as a person, recognize you If you think it can help them, they will buy the products that are useful to them in the future.

Why are so many people selling a product that customers have to buy on your side?

In fact, it is the level of trust you have established with potential customers.


Therefore, in the current Internet age, the rise of the new individual economy in the next few years will inevitably lead some ordinary people to earn the first pot of gold.

And each of us is a salesman, not only to establish a personal IP, but also to establish a deeper trust with potential consumer customers.

It’s like when we are hesitant to buy something, we often ask friends around us who have used it. At this time, we don’t trust this product, but a friend. What do you think?

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