November 25, 2020

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Trump frequently hits hard punches, but Americans smell dangerous: This is a trump card for China

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When the new crown epidemic first began to spread globally, no country had expected it. In addition to dealing with this terrible epidemic, there were many international problems waiting for countries to deal with. For example, the tense situation in Sino-US relations is a very headache for the people of the two countries.

The United States’ jealousy of China’s power and its coveting of China’s power and influence did not only form this year. It’s just that under this special background, America’s ambition and hegemonic consciousness have been more prominent.

Trump,Americans,China, Funny Blog News

Trump frequently hits hard punches

As early as May this year, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued new regulations stating that China’s Huawei is prohibited from purchasing chips produced by American technology and software. After that, the United States was even more out of control on the road to sanctions against Huawei.

For example, there have been reports recently that Trump seems to be considering adding SMIC, China’s most advanced foundry company, to the US “blacklist”.

Trump,Americans,China, Funny Blog News

On September 15, the new US sanctions on Huawei came into effect. From then on, the White House will fully open technical restrictions on Huawei.

But after Trump’s heavy punches one after another, more and more Americans have noticed a hint of danger. They have warned Trump and expressed strong opposition to Trump’s dangerous behavior.

Trump,Americans,China, Funny Blog News

Americans have smelled of danger

According to a US media report on September 19, the International Semiconductor Industry Association of the United States issued a warning on the 16th that if Trump really decides to add China’s SMIC to the “blacklist”, then the US chip industry will The loss was as much as $5 billion.

This is not the first time that the United States has opposed Trump’s decision. In early August, Qualcomm issued a warning to the White House that if it did not extend Huawei’s “temporary license” after August 13, the United States would suffer US$8 billion in losses each year.

Trump,Americans,China, Funny Blog News

In addition, when the United States officially entered the era of comprehensive sanctions on Huawei, Bill Gates also warned Trump that now China and the United States are in a mutually dependent and highly dependent relationship, and they can achieve a win-win situation through cooperation.

For the United States, although it seems that their refusal to sell technology can create difficulties for China, in the long run, it is more likely to cause the loss of a large number of high-paying jobs in the United States, and the federal government will also suffer huge tax losses.

Trump,Americans,China, Funny Blog News

This is giving China a trump card

In addition, Bill Gates also said, “China has shown strong creative ability before, and we should learn from the past history. The United States will only accelerate China’s self-sufficiency if it breaks China’s back road.” , Bill Gates is correct. Trump is sending China a trump card.

Trump,Americans,China, Funny Blog News

According to media reports on September 18, Bai Chunli, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, announced that the Chinese Academy of Sciences has included the US technology blockade list as its current priority task list, including important technologies such as lithography machines that the US is proud of.

This also means that China has plucked up the courage and confidence that when the United States is unwilling to follow the path of cooperation and win-win, China can also use its strength to “attack” the United States.

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