November 23, 2020

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Female micro-businessmen promoted male products to Mercedes-Benz car owners and was raped by them after meeting. The man claimed that she blamed her for being too obscene and explicit

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Xiao Rong is a micro-business, but she sells special products—male products. Xiao Rong did not expect that after a delivery, An Mou, a buyer sitting in a Mercedes-Benz, took her to a remote place under the pretext of asking Xiao Rong to explain the product. After being violently beaten by An, Xiao Rong was raped.

Regarding all of this, An’s defender said that Xiaorong’s words were obscene and explicit when introducing the product, which made An offend. So much so that Xiao Rong acquiesced.

A few days ago, the Intermediate People’s Court of Yiyang City, Hunan Province heard the case in second instance.

Excuse the other party to explain the product rape

An is from Xinhua, Hunan, and he is usually engaged in business operations. He and Xiao Rong met on the “Momo” platform in October 2019. In their WeChat chat, An learned that Xiao Rong is usually a WeChat business, mainly selling men’s products in WeChat Moments.

On November 12 of the same year, the day of the incident, An had twice invited Xiao Rong to go out through WeChat. For the first time, An asked Xiao Rong to come out for dinner, but Xiao Rong refused. At 20 o’clock that day, An who drank again invited Xiao Rong to meet near the parking lot of Dahan Zijiang City, Ziyang District, Yiyang City, saying that he would find Xiao Rong to buy men’s supplies.

Xiao Rong thought that An was really going to buy her product, and agreed. Xiao Rong greeted her husband and left immediately. At about 21:40 that night, when Xiao Rong’s husband rushed to Zijiangcheng to find Xiao Rong, his wife was not only injured, but also raped by the person who bought the product.

What happened during the hour or so?

It turned out that when Xiao Rong arrived at the agreed place, An was sitting in his Mercedes-Benz car and waiting. Xiao Rong handed the men’s items to An from the car window, but An asked to let Xiao Rong get in the car to introduce the product to him. So, Xiao Rong got into the Mercedes-Benz car driven by An and introduced the product to An in the passenger seat.

At this moment, the development of things began to exceed Xiao Rong’s control. An drove the car to a remote road near Dahan Zijiang City with the intention of committing rape.

The verdict showed that An pounced on Xiao Rong and wanted to rape Xiao Rong, and was fiercely resisted by Xiao Rong. Xiao Rong pushed and kicked and bit An.

After An was bitten, he bit Xiao Rong back and slapped Xiao Rong several times. While struggling, Xiao Rong once opened the car door and rolled out of the car. But An quickly got out of the car, beat Xiao Rong, and forced Xiao Rong back into the car. Xiao Rong was forced to have sex with An.

It has been identified that Xiaorong’s right face, right frontal face, left cheek face and other soft tissue contusions were bruised and the degree of damage was minor.

On December 25, 2019, An was arrested by the public security organs.

The defender claimed that the victim was obscene, and the court: there was no fault

An’s defender once suggested that it was because Xiao Rong’s language was obscene when introducing male products, which induced An to be offensive, and Xiao Rong was at fault for triggering the incident. Even some of Xiao Rong’s actions made An mistakenly believe that Xiao Rong acquiesced to have sex with him, and Xiao Rong played a positive role in the completion of the rape.

Xiao Rong stated in the investigative agency, “He threatened to kill my whole family if I resisted again. Because I was beaten by him and I was very scared, so I could only obey… I was afraid because I was beaten by him, and I wanted to Let’s end the escape quickly.”

The People’s Court of Ziyang District of Yiyang City held that there was no evidence to prove that Xiaorong’s language was obscene when introducing products. Xiaorong got on the car to introduce products at the request of Ying An, and it was her professional requirement to introduce products to customers. Cause no fault. Xiao Rong’s actions in the case of unsuccessful resistance and helplessness are compelling, intending to end early and escape early. Xiao Rong is not at fault for the rape. In the first instance, An was guilty of rape and sentenced to four years in prison.

After the judgment of the first instance, An appealed. “An has been engaged in business operations, and it is not harmful to the society. Leniency in punishment of An is conducive to the growth of minor children and helps avoid group disputes. He requested a lighter punishment in the second instance.”

During the second instance of the case, An’s family paid compensation to Xiao Rong on his behalf. Xiao Rong expressed his understanding for An’s behavior and requested the court to apply a suspended sentence to An.

Based on the written materials issued by the victim, the Yiyang Intermediate Court expressed its understanding for An’s behavior. The second instance convicted An of rape and sentenced him to three years in prison.

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