November 23, 2020

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Give way to iPhone12 series, iPhone11 Pro price drops again, is it worth it?

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iPhone11,iPhone12,Apple, Funny Blog News

As we all know, the mobile phone market is updated very quickly, and the release of new products often means that the popularity of old models has plummeted. In order to enhance their competitiveness, old models often adopt price reduction promotions before and after the release of new products. Stimulating demand through price concessions. Coincidentally, the new mobile phone market is about to kick off in October. Recently, the prices of many old models have fallen again. For example, the iPhone 11 Pro is a typical representative.

As Apple’s high-end flagship last year, the overall strength of the iPhone 11 Pro is remarkable. The appearance of the 6.1-inch OLED material notch full screen + glass body design, not only has a considerable screen-to-body ratio, but also has a comfortable feel. The operation is quite convenient. The hardware is equipped with an Apple A13 processor and a rear-mounted AI three-camera combination with 12 million main cameras. The performance and photography are still the industry’s first-class level, and the user experience is excellent. In addition, the iPhone 11 Pro is also equipped with IP68 level Features such as waterproof, wireless charging, 3D structured light face unlock, linear motor, etc., are not lacking in details.

iPhone11,iPhone12,Apple, Funny Blog News

In terms of parameters alone, the iPhone 11 Pro is still a relatively good flagship model, but then again, the iPhone 11 Pro is not without pressure. With the intensified competition in the mobile phone market and the continuous debut of new products at the same price, especially its own The iPhone12 series will be released on or about October 13, and the pressure on the iPhone11 Pro is suddenly increased. After all, from the current news summary, the iPhone12 series is much more comprehensive than the iPhone11 Pro. In addition to the further improvement of the hardware, it also The department supports 5G networks.

iPhone11,iPhone12,Apple, Funny Blog News

Faced with the coming of the iPhone12 series, on the one hand, it is profitable for new products, on the other hand, it is seizing the time to increase sales. Recently, the price of iPhone11 Pro has fallen again. Currently, on the e-commerce platform, the 64G version of iPhone11 Pro has fallen to 6,899 yuan. Compared to the release price of 8,699 yuan, a drop of 1,800 yuan. From a price point of view, the price-performance ratio of the iPhone 11 Pro after the price reduction has also been improved, which in theory has increased its appeal to consumers.

iPhone11,iPhone12,Apple, Funny Blog News

However, it is embarrassing that even though the price of iPhone 11 Pro has dropped significantly at this stage, there are still many netizens who say that iPhone 11 Pro is not worth buying at this stage. There are probably two reasons for this. First, some netizens think There are many more cost-effective domestic flagships at the same price, such as Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Edition, OnePlus 8T Pro, Huawei P40 Pro, etc. Not only are these models not inferior to the iPhone 11 Pro in overall strength, but the price is much cheaper.

iPhone11,iPhone12,Apple, Funny Blog News

Secondly, some netizens think that the release of the iPhone 12 series is imminent, and it is not the right time to start the iPhone 11 Pro. It is better to wait until the iPhone 12 series is released, take a look at the configuration price and decide whether to start the iPhone 11 Pro, my friends, what do you think of this? At the current price, do you think the iPhone 11 Pro is still worth buying? Welcome everyone to leave a message and exchange views with each other.

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