November 23, 2020

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The world’s first offense accepts boyfriend’s proposal! Put out a wedding ring to express happiness, but unfortunately he is over 30 years old

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boyfriend's,volleyball,boyfriend, Funny Blog News

At present, Serbian women’s volleyball team has started training. In the first half of the year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the Serbian women’s volleyball team has not had the opportunity to conduct training. As the champion of the 2018 World Championships, the Serbian women’s volleyball team is also one of the favorites to win the Tokyo Olympics. It is also the biggest obstacle to the Chinese women’s volleyball team. If the Chinese women’s volleyball team wants to successfully defend the title, they must defeat Serbia.

Serbia has four main forces, and Rasic is one of them. As the world’s No. 1 deputy offense, Rasic’s overall strength is relatively comprehensive. Not only can he play the second and third positions, but he also performs well in blocking, especially when it comes to serving. Many of the offensives are not as good as Rasic. She is one of the heroes of the Serbian women’s volleyball team becoming the world champion. Now Rasic has put out her proposal ring. She has accepted her boyfriend’s proposal. It seems that the wedding will be held after the Tokyo Olympics. Judging from the photos taken by Lacic, her face is full of happiness, which is different from winning the world championship.

boyfriend's,volleyball,boyfriend, Funny Blog News

Many people compare Rasic with Yan Ni, because both won the best side attack in the 2018 World Championships. Rasic has played in the Turkish Super League all year round, and her overall strength is recognized as the best in the world. However, Yan Ni broke out strongly in the Tokyo cycle, and her blocking ability has become a textbook. The fast break tactical ball is also very good, and the two of them have been numerous. The fans compare. Judging from the current overall strength, the two are half a catty, but Yan Ni suffers from a disadvantage in terms of age. However, Rasic is also over 30 years old, and the overall state will definitely decline. After the Tokyo Olympics, he is facing retirement.

boyfriend's,volleyball,boyfriend, Funny Blog News

Someone once asked Rasic, Zhu Ting and Boskovic who are the best in the world. Rasic answered wisely. She thought that Zhu Ting and Boskovic were not players in the same position and could not be compared together. But they have performed well in their respective positions and feel at ease playing with them. They can always help the team to win on key points, so both of them are number one in the world. I have to say that Rasic’s evaluation of Zhu Ting is relatively objective, and he admires Zhu Ting’s ability in his heart.

boyfriend's,volleyball,boyfriend, Funny Blog News

If Serbia wants to compete for the Olympic championship at the Tokyo Olympics next year, Rasic must be one of the cores that the team relies on, and the offensive side must rely on Rasic to support it. The Chinese women’s volleyball team needs to continue to strengthen the research on Lacic, knowing oneself and the other can win every battle. I don’t know if the successful proposal of her boyfriend this time will bring the power of love to Rasic and make her go to the next level. In any case, the Chinese women’s volleyball team can not treat any opponent lightly, only in this way can we successfully achieve the defense.

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