November 25, 2020

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Trump opposes changing the rules of presidential debate: I won easily last time, why am I going to change it?

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After the first debate between Trump and Biden, the debate committee stated that it would amend the rules, including turning off the microphone of the stealer. On October 1, local time, Trump responded on Twitter, saying that I won easily last time. Why should I allow the rules to be changed?

Trump wrote on Twitter: “Why did I allow the debate committee to modify the rules of the second and third debates when I easily won the last debate?”

On September 29, local time, the first debate was staged at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, the key “swing state”. The whole debate lasted 90 minutes, and it fell into chaos in only about 20 minutes. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) stated that Trump interrupted others 73 times during the debate. Trump not only refuted Biden, but also kept interjecting, even using the host as the object of the debate. After the debate, the American media surprisingly unanimously commented that this was a “extremely chaotic” confrontation. Even Wallace himself said in an interview with The New York Times afterwards: “I never dreamed that the debate would get out of control to the point.”

On September 30, the US Presidential Debate Committee issued a statement stating: “Last night’s debate clearly indicated that additional structural adjustments should be made to the format of the subsequent debate to ensure more orderly discussion of topics.” Although the committee did not specifically publicly comment Which rules should be revised, but a source close to the committee told NBC that there is no final decision yet, but they are considering that if a candidate violates the rules, turn off his microphone.

Biden previously responded that he supported the idea of ​​changing the format of the debate. He accused Trump and said: “He not only constantly attacked me and my family, but also attacked the host.

The two parties’ presidential candidates will have two next debates. The second and third debates will be held in Miami, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee on October 15 and 22, respectively.

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