November 25, 2020

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A “ten-star” underwater hotel in Dubai, staying at 36,000 for one night, you can sleep with the “fish”

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Dubai, Funny Blog News

As we all know, Dubai is one of the richest countries in the world, with numerous natural gas and oil resources. With these two rare resources, the locals will be able to live a life without worry. In order to create a better living environment for local residents, the local government has built many entertainment facilities such as hotel buildings in various parts of the city. Today, I will introduce you to a ten-star dream hotel in the world.

Dubai, Funny Blog News

This hotel is located 10 meters underwater in the Arabian Gulf. The overall building looks like an alien spacecraft. Guests living here can see the fish swimming around through the windows. The hotel is composed of two UFO-shaped buildings. Connecting the two large UFOs is a tubular elevator. The hotel has 20 suites, which is a must-go for travelers who like the ocean world.

Dubai, Funny Blog News

The hotel has a diving center and a bar and entertainment center for travelers to choose freely. There are also restaurants, hot springs and swimming pools on the water. All rooms are transparent. Visitors who come to play can live in underwater rooms. Through the window, you can just see the fish swimming around. You can also feel the sunlight refraction at the bottom like a fish, as if you are in the ocean

Dubai, Funny Blog News

Moreover, the entire hotel building is full of modern atmosphere, but visitors who live again can feel the most comfortable service in the world. Of course, such a luxurious ten-star hotel is expensive, just say the most common room. At night, it costs US$5,500, which is equivalent to RMB 36,000. Most people can’t afford it.

Dubai, Funny Blog News

Because the hotel is built underwater, some people doubt its safety. So, is the underwater hotel in Dubai safe? In fact, there is no need to worry. Every room in this underwater hotel in Dubai has undergone all safety tests, and the parts on the water can withstand tsunamis and floods. If the underwater part is dangerous, it will immediately surface. To ensure the safety of tourists

Dubai, Funny Blog News

This underwater hotel in Dubai is really a paradise that people yearn for. If they make enough money, many people will want to experience it. I wonder if you have heard of this underwater hotel in Dubai. Do you know anything else about it? You can leave a message in the comment area below to discuss!

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