November 25, 2020

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The largest banana in the world, thicker than an adult’s arm, tourist: big, thick and strong

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banana, Funny Blog News

With the development of traffic now, we can eat fruits that have never been eaten before, and experience different customs in different countries and regions. In daily life, bananas can be said to be a very common fruit, loved by many people. Bananas are rich in vitamins and have a very good effect on the body.

In fact, in addition to bananas, there is another kind of fruit in the same family as bananas—plantains. It is almost exactly the same as the banana. It is very common in tropical regions, but recently there is a giant plantain in Papua New Guinea, which can be called the largest plantain in the world.

banana, Funny Blog News

In the picture is the trunk of a banana tree. Its height is more than 5 times that of an ordinary banana tree. The trunk is too thick to be hugged by one person. The leaves are also very huge. Many people like to use its leaves to build houses. The fruit of this giant plantain is also very huge. The weight of a plantain reaches 2 to 4 kilograms, which is almost 3 to 5 times that of an ordinary banana. Its appearance is also similar to that of an adult’s arm, even an adult. One can eat a whole plantain, and only 4 people can barely finish it. This shows how strong its fruit is.

banana, Funny Blog News

This kind of plantain can be said to be the largest non-wood plant in the world, and it is also a very good food locally. It is usually enough for a family to eat one banana. If one person eats a banana, then basically there is no need to eat. However, the selling price of this giant plantain is much higher than that of ordinary bananas. Because the picking process of this giant plantain is very cumbersome and difficult, the selling cost is much higher than that of ordinary bananas.

banana, Funny Blog News

With the current economic development, the tourism industry is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, the local giant plantain attracts many foreign tourists. Everyone wants to witness the taste of this giant banana with their own eyes, hoping to taste fresh bananas. At the same time, to see how huge the branches of the giant plantain are.

Because the giant plantain is a tropical plant, it has strong adaptability and grows very fast. There are many places in our country where banana trees can be planted, but most of them are planted in Thailand, especially in a place called Papua New Guinea in Thailand, where the banana trees grow extremely luxuriantly. After many people came to Thailand for tourism, Later, I will choose to watch this giant banana tree and feel the magic of nature.

banana, Funny Blog News

In addition to the beautiful giant banana trees, Thailand also has a very strong Buddhist culture, as well as some very distinctive buildings, which are of high quality and low price. It was a very good experience. I don’t know if your friends have been to Thailand, have you ever seen a giant banana tree? Please leave a message in the comment area.

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