November 25, 2020

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The post-90s guy launched a mobile phone to catch dolls, earning 3 million a year! The pattern behind triggers deep thinking

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Hello everyone, I’m Jiang Hao, the author of “100 Times Accelerated Profits”. Today I will share with you a real case of a post-90s guy starting a business. Xiao Chen was a product manager of an Internet company before, and he developed small programs for some companies. There was an opportunity that Xiao Chen was in the cinema and saw a lot of people playing the claw-grabbing machine. At this time, Xiao Chen was thinking, could he design a mobile phone-grabbing program, so that it can save offline costs and also Let friends who love to play with claw machines are not restricted by time and space.

Everyone knows that traditional crane machines are placed in shopping malls, cinemas, KTVs and other places, including machine costs and display costs, which are part of the cost, but because the probability of grasping the crane machines can be adjusted Yes, so this business model is a steady profit without losing money.

In the last few years, with the rise of mobile payments, there is no need to insert coins to catch doll machines. You can catch dolls by scanning the QR code directly, but fundamentally, the problem of long-term rent and machine cost has not been solved.

Therefore, Xiao Chen launched the third-generation doll catching business model: realizing online doll catching through small programs, and then cooperating with well-known animation IP licensees to launch the most influential dolls on the market, attracting a large number of young users, and then In the form of community fission, users face the national market without being restricted by region and time. With this business model, Xiao Chen made 3 million a year!

It’s easy to say but difficult to do. The following teacher Jiang will share the details of this plan with you. Before introducing this plan to everyone, new friends, you can review the previous chapter of the following teacher, also using Internet thinking, the guy made a lot of money :

Xiao Chen’s plan has three cores:

When designing a business model, you must strengthen three characteristics: first, how to obtain traffic, second, how to reduce costs, and third, how to maximize profits.

The biggest advantage of catching dolls on mobile phones is that there is no shortage of data. Because your activities are good, users will forward and fission to each other, and there is no time and space limitation, and then reduce the cost. Everyone knows that offline doll machines are costly. , It also has a cost to put it in the mall, and the mobile phone grabs the doll, which is a completely subversive innovation offline. That is, dimensionality reduction strikes.

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