November 23, 2020

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How to make Chinese dumplings-If you like to eat dumplings, don’t miss it. 3 delicious dumpling recipes, nutritious and delicious, so popular

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dumplings,Chinese,recipes, Funny Blog News

If you like to eat dumplings, don’t miss it. There are 3 kinds of dumplings. They are nutritious and delicious. They are so popular. Different regions, the North loves to eat noodles. Pancakes, steamed buns, steamed cakes and dumplings are the most commonly eaten staple food. Don’t know what to eat during the National Day holiday? It’s better to have dumplings to relieve your greed. Today I will share 3 recipes of dumplings, which are nutritious and delicious, so that the whole family will love it. Let’s take a look~

[Pork onion dumplings]

The delicious pork dumplings, the cabbage tastes crisp and tender, and the onions are slightly sweet and crisp. I think these two should be delicious together.

dumplings,Chinese,recipes, Funny Blog News
dumplings,Chinese,recipes, Funny Blog News

Ingredients: 300 grams of flour, 300 grams of pork filling, half of cabbage, half of onion, a little salt, a little soy sauce, and some water

1. Add cold water to the flour, and the amount of water is 60-70% of the amount of flour. The dumpling noodles should be soft but not hard. First, use chopsticks to stir into flocculent;

2. Knead the dough again by hand, the surface is slightly smooth, and cover it with plastic wrap;

3. Add appropriate amount of salt, soy sauce, and water to the pork filling;

4. Add a few drops of chicken juice,

5. Stir up in one direction;

6. Clean cabbage and onions;

7. Chop the onion into mince, put it in the meat, don’t stir it yet;

8. Chop the cabbage into minced pieces, put it in the meat, and mix it with the meat and onion before making the dumplings;

dumplings,Chinese,recipes, Funny Blog News

9. Put the dough on the table, knead it into long strips, and then cut it into even-sized agents;

10. Roll out into a round skin with a slightly thinner edge and a thicker middle;

11. Take an appropriate amount of stuffing and put it on the dumpling wrapper;

12. Make dumplings according to your own method;

13. All the fillings are finished;

14. Bring to a boiled pot with boiling water, add cold water twice after the water is boiled midway, use a spoon to push the water along the side of the pot and turn it up. When the dumplings are all bulged up, they can be out of the pot.

dumplings,Chinese,recipes, Funny Blog News

[Pumpkin Dumplings]

One of the most common dumpling fillings eaten by people in Beijing. Pai Cha is a traditional snack in Beijing. It is thin, crispy and very fragrant. It is made into pumpkin dumplings with a beautiful fragrance and not greasy!

dumplings,Chinese,recipes, Funny Blog News
dumplings,Chinese,recipes, Funny Blog News

Ingredients: 1000g flour, 650g water, a pumpkin (430g after killing water), 120g fork, appropriate amount of vegetable oil, appropriate amount of ginger, appropriate amount of salt

1. Make up the dough first, and cover for 30 minutes;

2. Grate the pumpkin into silk with a grater, then chop it with a knife, add 1 teaspoon of salt, stir well, and let stand for 5 minutes;

3. Slice fresh ginger and mince;

4. Grasp the excess soup in the pumpkin shreds with your hands;

5. Crush the fork into pieces;

6. Pour a little oil in the wok, pour the ginger into the oil, and fry on low heat until it is browned and fragrant;

dumplings,Chinese,recipes, Funny Blog News

7. Pour ginger and oil into the pumpkin and mix well;

8. Pour the chopped fork into the pumpkin filling;

9. Stir evenly with chopsticks;

10. Knead the dough into long strips, cut them into uniform size, and roll them into a round crust with a thicker middle and a thinner edge;

11. Take appropriate amount of stuffing, pack or squeeze into dumplings according to your favorite method;

12. The dumpling is finished, let’s cook it in the pot.

dumplings,Chinese,recipes, Funny Blog News

[Sauce-flavored eggplant dumplings]

Eggplant stuffing to make dumplings. Eggplant is easy to make soup, put a little salt to kill water, and put a sweet noodle sauce in the meat filling to taste. The cooked dumplings are rich in sauce, and it seems that I can find the taste of dumplings when I was a child.

dumplings,Chinese,recipes, Funny Blog News

Ingredients: flour, cold water, 1 round eggplant, 1 chive, 1 pork, 1 chicken breast, 1 small bundle of vermicelli, appropriate amount of salt, 2 tablespoons of sweet noodle sauce, a little oyster sauce, appropriate amount of oil, appropriate amount of green onion

1. Knead the noodles with flour and cold water; clean the eggplants and leeks;

2. 1 piece of chicken breast and 1 piece of fat pork, cut into small cubes respectively;

3. Pour oil in the wok, stir-fry the chopped green onion in the wok over a low heat, and stir-fry the diced meat into the wok to turn the color into the soup, and pour the sweet noodle sauce into the color to taste;

4. Pour a little oyster sauce into the fried meat to increase the umami taste, and use after the meat is allowed to cool;

5. Eggplant slices;

6. Cut into small dices with a knife, put in a basin, sprinkle a little salt and mix;

dumplings,Chinese,recipes, Funny Blog News

7. Finely chop leeks;

8. The vermicelli is soaked in hot water and cut into small pieces;

9. Put all the ingredients into the meat filling, taste the saltiness, sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt, and mix well;

10. Put the dough on the chopping board, knead it into thin strips, then cut it into evenly-sized ingredients, and press the dough into a thicker middle and slightly thinner round crust. Put an appropriate amount of filling on the round crust; press your own Method or wrap or squeeze into dumpling shape;

11. All the fillings are used up, and the fat dumplings are waiting to be put into the pot;

12. After the water boils, put the right amount of dumplings into the pot, use a spoon to push the water along the side of the pot and turn it to prevent the dumplings from sinking to the bottom and sticking. When the dumplings are boiled to 2 boil, you can use cold water until the dumplings are bulging. fish out.

dumplings,Chinese,recipes, Funny Blog News

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