November 25, 2020

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Scientists find fossils of unicorn skulls resemble rhinos instead of horses

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fossils,unicorn,rhinos,horses, Funny Blog News
fossils,unicorn,rhinos,horses, Funny Blog News

The images made by scientists based on unicorn skulls look more like rhinos than horses in fairy tales.

fossils,unicorn,rhinos,horses, Funny Blog News

things in fairy tale are lies.

China News Service, March 30. According to CNN , scientists have recently discovered the remains of the legendary “Siberian Unicorn”, proving that this creature is not a legend, but a real one. But the bad news is that unicorns in the real world are very different from fairy tales.

According to reports, recently, a well-preserved unicorn fossilized stone bone was discovered in Kazakhstan. Based on its skull fossils, scientists calculated that this creature was extinct about 29,000 years ago, instead of 350,000 years ago as previously thought.

In addition, scientists also used skulls to create a picture of the appearance of a unicorn: this creature is obese, with thick fur on the surface, and looks more like a rhino instead of a horse that often appears in fairy tales. Image, but there is indeed a horn on the head.

But now there is another question that plagues scientists: Why can this kind of creature survive so long before it finally perishes? Tomsk University scientist Andrei speculated that the past climate of southern Siberia may be suitable for the survival of the creature.

At present, scientists are working hard to study what environmental factors lead to the ultimate extinction of this organism, in order to study how to control the current climate state.

Andre said: “Understanding the past climate issues will help us to more accurately predict future climate changes.”

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