November 23, 2020

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The contradiction between Prince William and Prince Harry has long intensified, causing Harry to seek a “refuge” from Meghan

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The Mirror reported on October 2 that if Prince William and Harry continue to have conflicts, it will bring trauma to the royal family and even change the structure of the royal family.

Before Prince Harry retired from the royal family, William and his conflicts became more and more intense. The author Robert Lacey, who wrote a biography of the Queen, recently wanted to write a book for the two brothers. He said the contradiction between the two is worse than outsiders thought. The officials of the royal family cooperated very well with his interview work, and Lacey was even invited to have tea with the senior officials.

William,Harry,Meghan, Funny Blog News

After writing a few chapters, Lacey sent the manuscript to the royal family, but was returned intact. It seemed that the royal family did not want to understand the plot. So Lacey speculated that the royal family wanted to incite resentment between Harry and William, rather than reconcile conflicts for them.

Some people think that the contradiction between the two princes will eventually pass, but historians do not think so. They believe that if the rift between the two brothers is not repaired, it will become one of the scars to change the royal family. Now there is time to change things in a positive direction, but the royal family does not seem to want to work hard.

William,Harry,Meghan, Funny Blog News

Before Prince Harry left the royal family, he had been working in the royal army for 10 years. At that time, he served as William’s deputy, and the long-lasting situation made Harry more and more frustrated. Therefore, Prince Harry has been constantly clarifying his position, and finally he chose to leave the royal family with Meghan.

William,Harry,Meghan, Funny Blog News

Lacey also compared Harry and Meghan’s “anti-royal” Princess Diana who died in a car accident in 1997 with the Prince of Wales. He believes Meghan has never been a qualified member of the royal family. Lacey claimed that Harry had found a refuge in Meghan. Perhaps Harry had long realized that there was a decadent element in the core of the royal family.

William,Harry,Meghan, Funny Blog News

Maybe Meghan’s resistance to the royal family is to avoid stepping into the minefield. At present, Meghan and Harry have resigned from their jobs in the royal family, they have moved to the United States to live, and are striving to achieve economic independence.

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