November 25, 2020

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Say “Don’t be afraid of the new crown”. The next day Trump was complained about the new crown virus

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Trump began to despise the new crown virus before he completely recovered? On the morning of the second day after “discharged” and returned to the White House, Trump tweeted, using “people have adapted to the flu” as an analogy to the new coronavirus. Earlier, his remarks urging people to “don’t be afraid of the new crown virus” have caused many people including “Captain America” ​​and netizens to complain.

On the morning of October 6, local time, US President Trump tweeted, “The flu season is coming! Despite the vaccine, many people, sometimes more than 100,000, die of flu every year. We want to lock down our country. No, we have learned to adapt to it, just like we are learning to adapt to the new crown, it is far less deadly in most people!!!

According to CNN’s previous report, Trump, who was infected with the new crown virus, left the Walter Reid Medical Center where he was receiving treatment on a special plane on the 5th and returned to the White House at night. The CNN report specifically mentioned that when he arrived at the White House, more than 210,000 people in the United States had died from the new crown virus.

It is worth mentioning that on the evening of October 5th, local time, Trump, who was about to “discharge” and return to the White House, tweeted, “I will leave the great Walter Reed Medical Center at 6:30 this afternoon. , I really feel good! Don’t be afraid of the new crown. Don’t let it dominate your life…”

“Captain America” ​​Evans reposted this tweet and questioned Trump. “Don’t be afraid of the new crown?! You have been under the care of the best doctors around the clock and using the best medicines. Do you really think everyone can get these?!” Not only “Captain America”, many American netizens are also very dissatisfied with this. A netizen sarcastically wrote: “No, we are not in the same boat, we are in the same sea, some people are on the yacht, some are on the speedboat, some are wearing life jackets, and some are swimming as hard as they can.”

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