November 25, 2020

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During the debate, after a fly landed on Pence’s head, Twitter “exploded”!

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At 9 pm Eastern time on October 7, US Vice President Pence and Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris held the first and only one at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. A television debate on the vice presidential candidates. In addition to Harris, who unsurprisingly launched an “attack” on the Trump administration and the Republican Party after the opening, an “uninvited guest” in this live debate unexpectedly ignited another hot topic on social media and became the “biggest winner” “.

“A fly landed on Pence’s head, and Twitter exploded.” Many US media including NBC noticed this detail and posted it on Twitter with the topic “Express” of many netizens.

Sharp-eyed netizens took the lead in “reporting this breaking news” on Twitter and wrote: “Breaking: The fly fell on the head of Vice President Pence.”

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Another netizen subsequently followed up with a post, sarcastically saying: “Trump will claim that Pence was’hacked’.”

Some netizens zoomed in on this detail and “screamed”: “Look at mom! I’m on TV!”

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Some netizens contacted the HBO drama “Veep” (Vice President), and @ this show said: “Well, I hope we can think of this on “Veep”-who is controlling the flies?” 

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The “Politician” News Network also reported that the “uninvited guest” took the spotlight from the vice presidential candidate debate on Wednesday night and became the focus of the debate.

The “politician” stated that although the fly finally flew away alone, as “silently” as it did when it arrived, in the period after it landed on Burns’s gray hair, given the obvious contrast, it was very Hard to be ignored by people.

Some netizens even immediately named themselves “Mike Pence Flies” and “showed off”: “Everyone is jealous of me, because I got the best seat in the debate tonight.”

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For a time, various jokes about flies occupied the hot search list on Twitter, and netizens showed their magic. And Trump’s “rival” and Democratic presidential candidate Biden is also “unwilling to be lonely”:

Biden then joined the Twitter “carnival”. He posted a photo of himself holding a fly swatter with the text: “Put 5 US dollars to help this campaign fly” and attached his vote. link. 

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It is worth mentioning that Biden’s campaign team responded quickly and bought the website with the domain name “” and redirected these users to the “” website. The website is a voter registration website operated by the Democratic National Committee.

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