November 25, 2020

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Trump completes treatment and prepares to be discharged from hospital. Biden is mentally prepared, and the White House fights into a fever

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Trump,Biden, Funny Blog News

Earlier this month, Trump was diagnosed with the new crown virus and was subsequently admitted to the hospital. After several days of treatment, Trump is ready to leave the hospital. According to the World Wide Web citing NBC News, the White House doctor Dr. Conley said that he expected President Trump to “safely return to public activities” on Saturday (10th) local time. A memo issued by the President’s doctor by White House Press Secretary McNerney showed that Trump has completed his treatment for new coronary pneumonia. This means that Trump will continue to perform his presidency and participate in the U.S. election, and the Democratic candidate Biden’s wishes may be frustrated.

  You know, after Trump was admitted to the hospital, Biden happily posted a message on Twitter that he would soon be elected President of the United States. The implication is that if Trump is admitted to the hospital, no one can compete with him, and he will be elected president smoothly. It now appears that Biden is too optimistic. Trump’s body is much better than he thought.

  For Biden and the Democrats, the real test has only begun. Because Trump, as the only candidate for the Republican Party, will surely do all he can to win the election and protect the best interests of the Republicans. Now that the election is getting closer and closer, Republicans will fully support Trump. If the Democrats cannot take any measures to counterattack, the US presidential position will continue to fall into the hands of the Republicans.

Trump,Biden, Funny Blog News

After losing the election in 2016, the Democratic Party has become an opposition party. Although Democratic leader Pelosi became the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, she could not stop Trump from implementing any measures. In order to bring down Trump, the Democrats launched an investigation into Russia and rummaged through all the scandals before Trump. However, Trump, under the banner of US interests first, grabs interests everywhere, has contributed to US economic growth and employment, and won the support of many white voters.

  However, during the epidemic, Trump’s performance disappointed American voters. Democrats took the opportunity to attack Trump, which greatly reduced Trump’s approval rating. Biden even supported black protesters in public many times to disgust Trump. Earlier this month, Trump was admitted to the hospital, once again creating opportunities for Democrats. According to the White House, Trump can return to public activities. In other words, Trump will soon enter the campaign. Even if his body is not healed. In order to continue to be re-elected and fight for the supreme power in the United States, Trump and the Republican Party have thrown themselves out.

Trump,Biden, Funny Blog News

It can be said that the internal fighting in the United States is becoming more and more intense. In fact, the United States is currently facing various problems such as out of control of the epidemic, constant riots, and economic recovery. Stabilizing the interior and maintaining order are the top priorities of the US government. But the Democrats and Republicans did not take these seriously, and instead used these issues to attack each other. If the struggle between the two parties continues, Americans’ lives will become worse and worse.

Trump,Biden, Funny Blog News

 For the general public in the United States, they don’t care about who is the president. They only hope that they can go to work as soon as possible and live a safe and happy life without being frightened by the epidemic and riots. But now the United States has become a mess, and American elites are busy fighting inwardly, ignoring the lives of ordinary people. The so-called prosperity of the people, the death of the people, no matter who becomes the president of the United States, the victims are ordinary Americans.

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