November 24, 2020

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Girls insist on doing strength training. After long-term persistence, what changes will they have in their body?

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strength training, Funny Blog News

Boys insist on strength training in order to make themselves stronger, while for girls, they are more repulsive of strength training, and even hate doing strength training.

They are afraid that they will become stronger by doing strength training. They will also make others laugh at themselves as “man-in-law”. What’s more, they believe that strength training is training for men, not women.

strength training, Funny Blog News

If you have this idea, then OUT. With the change of modern people’s aesthetic concept, more and more girls are entering the gym.

They are to lose weight, to make their bodies better, and to keep fit. However, now girls enter the gym not only doing aerobics, but also strength training.

strength training, Funny Blog News

What benefits can girls get if they insist on strength training? In addition to letting you lose weight and improve your figure, what other changes can it bring to our body?

The first aspect, insisting on strength training, can help us speed up our body’s fat burning rate

During weight loss, adding proper strength training can help the body speed up fat burning and fat loss. In the process of weight loss, long-term aerobic exercise will consume part of the muscles, making our body flat, and muscle loss will cause the body to become loose and loose, without a sense of firmness. The loss of muscle will also lead to a decline in body metabolism, which affects the speed of our weight loss.

Only by persisting in strength training and increasing the body’s muscle content can the body’s metabolic level be improved, allowing you to burn more calories, and help us burn fat and lose fat faster.

strength training, Funny Blog News

The second aspect, insisting on doing strength training can help us shape the body curve

Many girls are concerned about whether their weight is over 100, but they ignore that fat mass is the key to fatness. The same weight may be a different body. People with more muscles are more compact, while those with more fat will look fat and bloated.

If you can persist in doing strength training, increase your own muscle mass, and inhibit the accumulation of fat, you will find that your body will become more and more lined, and the flesh on the body will become firmer and stronger, making you more attractive.

strength training, Funny Blog News

The third aspect, insist on doing strength training to protect yourself

In real life, many girls are always vulnerable to bullying and injury due to the fact that they have no power to bind the chicken. They insist on doing strength training to improve their physical muscle strength and improve their weight-bearing level, so that you can avoid being bullied in life. In addition, you can also complete more labor in life.

strength training, Funny Blog News

The fourth aspect is to insist on strength training to protect the bones and joints

When we get older, especially after the age of 30, the body’s aging begins. Especially girls who do not like sports will lose their body muscles, become obese and become fatter. The loss of muscle, in addition to reducing our body’s metabolism, also reduces the protection of bones and joints.

Insist on doing strength training can protect the body’s bones and organs, prevent osteoporosis, prevent bone and joint stiffness, increase bone density, and effectively strengthen the body.

strength training, Funny Blog News

The fifth aspect is that by persisting in strength training, you can adjust your physical and mental health

Weight training can effectively stimulate the brain to secrete more dopamine, regulate our emotions and mentality, release pleasure factors, and at the same time exercise our patience and patience, so that we can maintain a good mentality and resist stress.

strength training, Funny Blog News

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