November 24, 2020

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This time I finally tasted the lesson! The Pompeo plane was denied entry and the White House said it had cancelled its visit to Mongolia

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Pompeo, Funny Blog News

Today, the competition between the two major political parties in the United States for the general election in the near future has become quite fierce. As President of the United States, Trump is also working hard to gain his own advantage in the general election in order to realize his dream of re-election. Under the circumstances, Pompeo, the Secretary of State of the United States, is still conducting overseas visits around the world.

According to the previous news, in the next week, Pompeo will visit Japan, South Korea and Mongolia. The reason why Pompeo will visit many countries now is to increase the United States. Allies of China to achieve the goal of isolating China.

Pompeo, Funny Blog News

The Pompeo plane was denied entry and the visit to Mongolia was cancelled

It is worth mentioning that, for the overseas visit next week, Pompeo previously submitted an application to our country hoping to pass through our airspace, but this application has been rejected. Under such circumstances, Pompeo can only He chose Japan as the target of his visit. After that, his follow-up visit plan will be terminated and returned to the United States. The visit to Mongolia can only be cancelled this time.

The rejection of its special plane by my country is also a lesson for Pompeo. You must know that Pompeo has made various remarks against China many times before, in order to further intensify the relationship between China and the United States, and even make the two sides completely opposed.

Pompeo, Funny Blog News

But in fact, this situation is quite unfavorable for both China and the United States. The reason why Pompeo would take such behavior is also to realize his ambitions. After all, as the US Secretary of State, he will be The U.S. election is a chance to participate in the election, and now through a wide range of overseas visits and other actions, on the one hand, it can deepen the influence of voters and the U.S. consortium on themselves, and at the same time, it can also accumulate a certain amount of Capital, for Pompeo, is undoubtedly a rare opportunity to increase his influence.

Pompeo, Funny Blog News

The U.S. tries to win over more countries

You must know that Pompeo, as the Secretary of State of the United States, has the support of the Koch brothers of the United States. Pompeo, who is supported by the consortium, has undoubtedly developed more smoothly. For the Koch brothers, Pompeo served as the United States. The Secretary of State can also bring him a lot of help. You must know that during the recent overseas visits, Pompeo often smeared and criticized China, but now he is trying to fly from China’s airspace and then travel to Mongolia for a visit. Obviously, it is impossible for him to succeed.

Pompeo, Funny Blog News

The reason for this situation, relevant people said, the main reason is that our country has developed quite rapidly in many fields in recent years. For the United States, such a situation will threaten its status and influence, so it will start. Sanctions and restrictions on our country.

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