November 23, 2020

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This mountain in the United States is only 264 meters long, but few people can reach the summit successfully.

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mountain, Funny Blog News

In recent years, more and more people have chosen to travel and visit some different scenic spots. Among these tourists, many of them are very adventurous, especially some mountaineering enthusiasts. They often visit some scenic spots. mountain peak. Speaking of high mountains, I have to think of Mount Everest. Its height makes many people want to conquer and see the scenery that belongs to the top of the mountain. But what everyone does not know is that there is another mountain in the northwestern United States, although the altitude is not Everest. The peak is high, but it is harder to climb than it.

mountain, Funny Blog News

This mountain is the Devil’s Tower, located in the northeastern part of the United States. It is a giant cylindrical rock and is known as a national landmark of the United States. Unlike other mountain peaks, this mountain looks like a huge cylinder from a distance, which also increases the difficulty of climbing. It is said that the Devil’s Tower was formed 50 million years ago and it is also a scenic spot left by the volcano. Although the Devil’s Tower has been widely recognized by those who love nature and outdoor activities, it has truly become the focus of attention of American and international tourists. The Devil’s Tower was uplifted from a flat ground with amazing momentum, and it was portrayed as a base for aliens by the movie “The Third Kind of Contact”. After the American director Steven Spielberg filmed the film “The Third Kind of Contact ” in 1977, the number of visitors to the Devil’s Tower National Monument surged overnight.

mountain, Funny Blog News

The height of the entire mountain is only 264 meters, but don’t look at its low altitude, the climbing difficulty is very high, which has a lot to do with the shape of the mountain. Because the peaks are almost vertical, and because of the erosion that accumulates over the years, it is difficult to find a foothold on the mountain walls. Therefore, many tourists have come here for so many years, but there are not even 100 people who can actually climb the mountain.

This is enough to explain how difficult it is to climb this mountain. The success rate is only 0.2%. Dangerous accidents will occur if you are not careful. Some very skilled mountain climbing enthusiasts generally dare not try it easily. At the same time, this mountain is protected by policy and cannot be climbed every June. On September 24, 1906, then US President Roosevelt declared this to be the first national monument in the United States. Based on respect for Indian beliefs, the government stipulates that rock climbing activities will stop for one month every June. It also provides a limit for climbing.

mountain, Funny Blog News

This is the hardest mountain in the world to climb. Although the altitude is not high, it is difficult for many mountaineering enthusiasts because of their particularity. I don’t know if you have heard of this attraction or are interested in it. Yes, you can use the holiday time to check in. I don’t have the guts to do so. I will quietly look forward to the successful person here. Here is a warm reminder that you must take Outback measures and pay attention to safety when climbing mountains.

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