November 23, 2020

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With fewer people and beautiful scenery, more primitive and niche, the most suitable self-driving route in late autumn in November!

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self-driving route, Funny Blog News

In the late autumn of November, the leaves in the south have been blown yellow, which is a colorful scene, and the north has also seen crystal snow.

Red, yellow, green, white… The colorful nature of November is a changing pattern.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Where is the most beautiful in China in November? Why not take a look at these 11 great places to enjoy autumn recommended by the editor. So, there are 11 self-driving routes from now to the end of 11, as long as you come to these places, even if you are not in vain.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News




With fewer people and free tickets, the Red Rock Snow Mountain becomes a fairyland

Best viewing time: November-mid-December

Liangtaigou, more than 10 kilometers away from Bipenggou, is more primitive and niche.

The verdant greenness of the Manshan Mountains gradually changed its colors, dark green, golden, reddish brown…The forests are all dyed, colorful, like an overturned multicolored disc, forming a densely colored oil painting, the scenery is no less Bipenggou.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Because Liangtaigou has not been developed yet, few people go there and no tickets are charged. It is purely a primitive ecological landscape. After entering the ditch, red stones were scattered among streams, on hillsides, and among bushes. Under the snow-capped mountains at the end of the road, red stones are all over the valley.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News


In autumn, the mountains and plains are full of colorful forests and red rock beaches under the snow-capped mountains. Looking up is the ancient and pure snow-capped mountains, and in front of me is a rocky beach that looks like cinnabar makeup. There is no other words to describe besides shock.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Little meow is a leaf

Address: Hongjungou, Li County, Aba Prefecture

Self-driving route: Chengdu-Li County-Bipenggoukou-Suoluogou Village-Liangtaigou (input “Hongjungou” for navigation)



The first of China’s three autumn colors

Best viewing time: September to November

Two kilometers away from Hongcun, it is not as famous as Hongcun, but the autumn scenery of Tachuan is already the first of the three autumn scenery in China. Here, the mountains are high and the fields are wide, the rice paddies are like embroidery, the white walls and black tiles, row upon row, in the early morning, the whole village is shrouded in hazy fog.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

In mid-to-late November, the leaves of Chinese tallow trees experienced a transition from green to yellow and from yellow to red in late autumn. The fiery red leaves, clear spring water, and houses of pink and daisies reflected each other, just like a Jiangnan ink painting.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

If you arrive at Tachuan in autumn, be sure to climb the opposite mountain to watch the sunrise in Tachuan. In the early morning, the clouds and mists in the mountains slowly dispersed, and the stained autumn forest and the Huizhou people at the foot of the mountain were looming;

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Address: Hongcun Town, Yi County

Self-driving route: Provincial Highway 218 in Anhui


Changxi Village

East China’s first maple viewing wonderland

Changxi Village is located in the southwest of Wuyuan County. It is a village with a typical Huizhou architecture hidden deep in the mountains. There are more than two hundred year-old fragrant maple trees that grow in a row, which is very red in autumn.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News


In the golden autumn season, the layers of forests are all dyed, and the ancient Hui-style villages surrounded by mountains and rivers have formed a series of ink landscape paintings of the harmony between man and nature.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

The morning smoke curls up, forming a dreamlike wonderland. In addition to the maple leaves, there are many ancient alleys in the village with far-reaching artistic conceptions. They are very quiet.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Green hills without ink

Address: Changxi Village, Fuchun Town, Wuyuan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province

Self-driving route: Wuyuan County (42 kilometers of asphalt road)-Fuchun-Changxi (mountain village highway on cement road)


Dongchuan Red Land

Red land comparable to Rio de Janeiro

Best viewing time: November

The Dongchuan red land, 250 kilometers away from Kunming, Yunnan, is known as the “rainbow falling into the world”. The Dongchuan red land in autumn is as beautiful as a natural oil painting.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Every November is one of the best shooting times here. The red land, the golden yellow rape stalks and seeds, and the green mangkin seedlings are intertwined with each other. The colors are bright and easy to produce. Blockbuster.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

It is considered by experts as the most imposing red land in the world except Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. No matter whether your photography skills are adept or not, you can take satisfactory photos here at this time.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Coordinates: Hongdidi Town, Dongchuan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province

Self-driving route: Take Kunqu Expressway and then Songdai Expressway, turn to Longdong Highway to Dongchuan



Golden Ginkgo Paradise

Best viewing time: November to mid-December

Every November to mid-December is the golden period of Ginkgo Village. In Ginkgo Village at this time, there is a golden color everywhere in front of the houses, on the tiles, on the small roads.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

In November, it became a golden paradise. The golden ginkgo leaves are floating on the quaint brick house, on the small wooden table, and on the road made of stone. Slowly, the place is beautiful like a dream.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

There are more than 3,000 ancient ginkgo trees planted in the village, and there are more than 30,000 seedlings in total. The movie “Martial Arts” was once shot here, and yellow corn hung the eaves. A fresh and simple look.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Coordinates: Gudong Town, Tengchong County, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province

Self-driving route: Kunming-Dali-Baoshan-Lujiang Dam-Tengchong


Yongjia Xilu Village

Red Persimmon Professional Village

In Xilu Village, Hesheng Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, when the autumn wind rushes, the red persimmons hang all over the branches, and the persimmons all over the mountains reflect the red brick houses, fields, and paths… forming a beautiful landscape .

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Jin Xiaowu

Xilu Village welcomes the most beautiful time of the year in November every year. At this time, walking on the village road, in front of and behind the house, in the fields, from time to time you can see the persimmon trees full of “lanterns”, and the abundance reveals the unique autumn charm of the mountain village.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

And every time at this time, persimmons will be dried in front of every house, and they are beaming. Under the smoky haze, it is even more peaceful…

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Address: Xilu Village, Hesheng Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Self-driving route: Fenglin exit of Zhuyong Expressway—to the direction of Hesheng Donggao on Yannan Highway—Guolutan Village—about a few hundred meters ahead there is Xilu Village road sign uphill road—about ten minutes’ drive to Xilu Village.



The rare ten-mile ancient ginkgo corridor in Jiangnan

Best viewing time: November-December

Located in Badukai, Xiaopu Town, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, autumn here is also an indispensable scenic feast.

Badukai is a small village hidden between two mountains, but there are ten miles of ancient ginkgo forest hidden. Every late autumn, it spreads out a strange splendor and is known as the “hometown of ginkgo in the world”.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Na is me

The ten-mile ancient ginkgo promenade in Badukai is about 12.5 kilometers long and is planted with 30,000 wild ginkgo trees. It is known as the “hometown of ancient ginkgo in the world”. A large number of tourists come here every year.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Coke rice

Autumn in Jiangnan is not long, and November happens to be late autumn. In Batuba, in the magnificent golden ginkgo promenade, there are overlapping mountains in the distance, Dingdong spring water beside your ears, and misty fallen leaves above your head. The beauty is speechless…

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Address: Badukai, Xiaopu Town, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province

Self-driving route: Xicheng Expressway—Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway—Xiyi Expressway—Ninghang Expressway Hangzhou direction—Changxing North Exit—Changxingjing Shuikou Town—Hechuan Highway—S10 Xiaopu Town—Xiaobai Road to the mountains


Yuanyang Terraces

Terraced version “Mirror of the Sky”

Best viewing time: November to April of the following year (irrigation period)

Yuanyang is well known to the world because of the dreamlike terraced landscape. The terraced fields and the villages beside the terraced fields are the most poetic and picturesque field art of the Hani people.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

In Yuanyang in November, the harvest of the rice in the rice fields has been completed. The water in the terraces is full of water, like a mirror of the sky, reflecting the blue sky, or reflecting the colorful clouds, like a pop oil painting, with beautiful lines and moving colors.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Before sunset or at sunrise, it is the best time to appreciate the magnificent colors of terraced fields. The vast terraced fields of 170,000 acres stretch more than 3,000 levels at the highest, and the change of light and shadow is just a blockbuster.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

A green onion in Hefei

Address: On the southern slope of Ailao Mountain, Yuanyang County, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province

Self-driving route: Lijiang-Kunming-Yuxi-Jiangchuan-Tonghai-Jianshui-Yuanyang


Lingchuan·Haiyang Township

Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world, and the ocean ginkgo is a strange world

Best time: late November to early December

Haiyang Township does not depend on the sea, but there is a golden autumn sea.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Haiyang Township is not big, but there are millions of ginkgo trees with a long history in the township, the oldest of which has a history of more than 500 years.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

In late autumn every year, golden ginkgo leaves will rustle on the old house, and the black tiles are like gilded tiles. The golden glazed tiles of large households in ancient times may not be as “golden shining” as this.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Address: Lingchuan County, Guilin City

Best viewing locations: Xiaopingle, Datongmu Bay Village, Xiaotongmu Bay

Self-driving route: Guilin Sanlidian Square-Daxu-Chaotian-Ocean

The autumn breeze in November called the first snow in the Northland. In the cities of the Northland, autumn began to fade away, and the pace of winter came quietly…



Magnificent snow prairie

Best time: late November to early January of the following year

Dams in winter, such as Namtso in Tibet, are a paradise of vision and a purgatory of spirit. Here, in addition to being freely in the snow, the most indispensable is the scenery.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

The Bashang grassland is already covered with snow in November, without the leisurely view of the wind blowing through the grass and seeing the cattle and sheep, and the unrestrained feeling of galloping across the grassland.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

When the first snow arrives, the snow has not yet completely covered the yellow grass, and the white leaves can also see the greenery in it. It is still full of vitality, like an outstanding winter snow landscape.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Address: Within Hebei Province

Self-driving: Xilin Gol League Duolun-Ulanbutsu; Hebei Province Weichang-Ulanbutsu; Keshiketengqi Jingpeng Town-Ulanbutsu; Chifeng City-Ulanbutsu.



A paradise left by God

Winter snow season: November-March of the following year

Kanas is golden in autumn, which is fascinating. In November, the weather starts to become cold, Kanas also has snow, and the whole world is white.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Although the winter here is not as colorful as autumn, it has a unique beauty of ice and snow. The snow is flying, the world is covered in silver, but it is not frozen for thousands of miles. This white is mixed with other colors, but it is more beautiful and moving.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

If you are a self-driving enthusiast, then you should come here to enjoy the leisurely shuttle between driving and capturing the beautiful scenery. You want to see the world through the lens and see the sights that others can’t see.

self-driving route, Funny Blog News

Address: Located in the northern part of Burqin County, Altay Region, Xinjiang, China

Self-driving route: Urumqi-Shihezi-Wusu-(via National Highway 217)-Karamay-Burqin-Kanas (about 912 kilometers)

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