November 25, 2020

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People who have never experienced insomnia cannot understand the “pain” of insomnia

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insomnia, Funny Blog News

Insomnia and not wanting to sleep are completely two concepts. What insomnia stops is “want to sleep but can’t fall asleep”. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get into sleep.

Some people with insomnia once said: What is worse than death is not being able to fall asleep, and what is worse than not being able to sleep is being unable to sleep all the time.

Long-term insomnia will not only lead to skin aging, but the body’s immunity and resistance will gradually decline, becoming the root cause of various diseases.

People who have never experienced insomnia can’t experience the pain of insomnia at all!

And there are many factors that cause insomnia. For example, excessive worry before going to bed, a lot of exercise before going to bed, binge eating before going to bed, etc., will all cause insomnia. If you maintain this state for a long time, it will gradually evolve into habitual insomnia, which will completely make insomnia. Find yourself!

If you want to stay away from insomnia, try the following five methods!

Go to bed when you are sleepy, and establish a “conditional reflex”

Many people with insomnia lie in bed without being sleepy, swiping their phones, reading books, and waiting for sleepiness.

Therefore, if you want to get rid of insomnia, you must first establish a “conditional reflex” between bed and sleep, that is, let yourself feel sleepy when you see the bed;

Don’t go to bed when you are not sleepy. When sleepiness has struck, you should immediately put aside your work and electronic products, and go to bed at this time to get twice the result with half the effort.

If you lie down for more than 20 minutes and still do not sleep, you can still get up and do some relaxing things. For example, meditation is a good choice. When sleepiness comes again, go to bed immediately. After such repetition, when you see the bed again, sleepiness will follow.

insomnia, Funny Blog News

Enhance sleep motivation

The so-called sleep motivation can also be called sleep stress. That is to say, the longer the insomniac stays awake, the greater the motivation to sleep, which can help him fall asleep faster at night.

Especially for people with insomnia who have the habit of taking a nap, you can try whether you have enough sleep at night, but you don’t get enough sleep during the day. This sleep pressure can help you fall asleep faster at night.

Meditation before bedtime

Entering a state of meditation before going to bed helps to eliminate the negative emotions accumulated by oneself and can quickly enter a state of sleep.

Therefore, people with insomnia before going to bed should put aside their work, close their eyes quietly, adjust their breathing, and sleep unconsciously, and the quality of sleep will also be significantly improved.

insomnia, Funny Blog News

Choose the right bedding

For people with insomnia, choosing bedding that suits them is also a great way to help them fall asleep quickly.

The color of bed sheets and quilt should not be too bright, which will easily cause visual stimulation to oneself and is not conducive to falling asleep. On the contrary, light and elegant colors are more suitable. The height of the pillow should be 10-15 cm, and the indoor temperature should be controlled between 15℃-24℃.

insomnia, Funny Blog News

Overeating before going to bed

If you have the habit of eating supper at ordinary times, you should try to improve it, because if you eat too much before going to bed, a large amount of blood flows into the stomach and starts to digest food.

As a result, the blood supply to the brain and heart will be reduced, which easily stimulates the central nervous system, reduces the inhibition of the cerebral cortex, and makes people in a state of excitement. Even if they enter a sleep state, it is difficult to produce deep sleep.

For people who have long-term insomnia and have affected their work and life conditions, in addition to the above five points, they should also consult a doctor in time, and use drugs to adjust their sleep if necessary, especially for menopausal women. Active use of drugs can also prevent insomnia. A big way.

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